There are many investment professionals today to choose from, including stockbrokers, money managers, and bankers, to name just a few.  We believe that our approach to investing client funds differs from most other investment professionals as follows:

  1. Objectivity
    Unlike most investment professionals, we do not earn commissions.  Our fees are based on a percentage of your investment assets.  We are free to recommend virtually any investment based on its relevance for your portfolio. 
  2. Background as CPA's
    While we have extensive experience in investment planning and analysis, our backgrounds also include years of financial and tax planning, as well as "looking at the big picture".  With that background, we are able to expand the investment advisory function to include tax-wise investing strategies and recommendations on how your investment strategy fits into your overall financial picture.  Examples of this added dimension include analyzing whether municipal bonds make sense for you, and determining which investments should be held in your retirement plan and which should be held in your after-tax portfolio.
  3. Commitment to communication
    We believe that we have an obligation to provide you with understandable reports that tell you clearly how your investments are doing relative to your goals and objective financial indices.  We are also committed to meeting with you on a continuous basis to discuss your investment progress and realign your asset allocation as your needs change over time.
  4. Realistic claims
    We will never claim that we can pick the next "Apple", beat last year's hot manager, or predict the direction of the market.  We will also never eliminate the element of risk that is always present in investing.  Instead, we will try to maximize your returns while focusing on risk reduction through diversification and fund selection.