Cyberattack! How should you protect yourself? (Part 3)

What are Identity Theft Protection Services and do they work?
In a prior blog post, we introduced several tools, credit freezes and fraud alerts, that can be used to help mitigate identity theft, but are there more comprehensive tools out there that monitor all aspects of your financial security? Over the past several years, identity protection services have stepped in to fill this gap. Services such as Lifelock and IdentityForce have become household names over the past couple of years. What are these services and how do they work?

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Cyberattack! How should you protect yourself? (Part 2)

Are Your Investment Accounts Safe?  With the recent data breach at Equifax, some 143 million Americans have been made vulnerable. Among the information stolen include names, birthdays, social security numbers, and addresses. With this information out in cyberspace, could a fraudster gain access to your investment accounts or retirement accounts? The answer is…it is unlikely.

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Potential Money Saving Ideas

Before you watch the ball drop or set those New Year’s resolutions, let’s talk tax planning.  At this time each year, it is always useful to consider year-end personal income tax planning.  This year the planning may be even more important.  2016 will be the last Obama tax year...

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