Potential Money Saving Ideas

Before you watch the ball drop or set those New Year’s resolutions, let’s talk tax planning.  At this time each year, it is always useful to consider year-end personal income tax planning.  This year the planning may be even more important.  2016 will be the last Obama tax year...

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The World Has Not Ended (Yet)

Monday morning, everything in the investing world appeared to be fine (aside from Greece, China, Brazil, Russia, and a few other disasters).  That day the S&P 500 closed at 210.59.  On Tuesday, traders became concerned that global growth was slowing and the world was going to end soon, or at least go into a recession, and they began selling.  On Thursday, the S&P 500 closed at 203.97, a loss of 3.1%.  Today it is likely to close in the 198 to 200 range.  In four days it will have lost almost 6%. 

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Thoughts of an Investment Advisor - 2nd Quarter 2015 - Part 3

As I discussed in my last post, I am considering what to do with one of our positions that is underperforming so far this year – Gotham Market Neutral fund.  I have now participated in the Second Quarter update call on the Gotham funds as well as a roundtable conference call with the fund managers.  I have to say I came away very impressed by the managers’ knowledge, methodology, ability to explain complex issues, and willingness to answer some pretty tough questions.  The most surprising thing I heard was that all of their funds are still experiencing net inflows.  In other words, their investors are not bailing. 

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